What Is Topical Penis Enhancement?

The word topical defined is the application of something directly to the body, whether it be your arm, leg, or a smaller organs like the penis. Topical penile enhancer creams, lotions, and gels are three not so known penis size enhancement treatments that harbour hidden benefits that compete with the even the best treatments out there – of those being pills, patches, and exercises. This form of treatment definitely pushes the meaning of instant gratification to an entire different level. This may be the best way to describe this form of self-improvement since the anecdotal side is apparent, as the few interesting facts regarding each type and its intended use are more than apparent after 10+ years of market activity.

Gels for example can be found through many premium manufacturers that produce high end sexual enhancement product, of the like being Permenda LTD or Innovatech Designs. Both companies pack their herbal based products with nutrients rich ingredients of which are derived from natural sources,  often times being mixed with synthetic substances, bringing their potent formulations to an efficacy level that show effects after the first application and months down the road.

Lotions are the same kind of beast, except a different viscosity, transparency, and color altogether. Many sexual enhancers work all in the same,, definitely being true for PE lotions, whether they are able to temporarily increase size, help you become erect, improve your penis aesthetically, or add the supple look that it used to have.

Give or take a handful of scams, there are some pretty decent topical based penis enhancement lotions floating around the internet.

Creams on the other hand haven’t been popularized all that much do the same results, sometimes to a lesser degree regarding the effects listed above. Putting them into perspective leaves you with a denser topical, optional / neutral colors, and instant effects plus long term results.

Even though they may seem hyped, do they perform the way we want them too? here are some common questions for thought.

Do Topicals Really Increase Penis Size?

To a small degree. This type of treatment does not promote full scale penis enlargement, rather give your penis a plumper looking appeal that fades quickly after a brief period of time. Many PE practitioners and expert forum moderators suggest a topical plus hand driven exercises can permanently increase penis size, however exercises are based on empirical evidence, so the chance this is true is slim.

Treatments that use a different form of penis stretching compared to exercises have been known to yield better and bigger results. Penile traction stretching is something that any type of topical would go good with. Not only to add their own benefits, but assist in the way a penile traction device makes your penis longer and wider.

The bottom line is, if you are looking for quick enhancement, then a topical treatment will suffice. Do not consider one of these male enhancement types to be useful for ideal size enhancement.

Is Topical Penis Enhancement Safe?

They can be useful and effective or dangerous and harmful. This industry is constantly ridiculed for the scams that populate the market, but in the mix there are reputable brands that produce decent performing products.

Synthetic and natural versions of topicals are a big decision factor for guys searching for information on this topic, which arises many more that fluctuate the probability something happens at all or leads to a negative outcome. To choose a worthy enhancement topical, you need to study composition before you make any decision about a particular lotion, gel, or cream for purchase.

Don’t rely on clinical evidence if that’s a big factor here for you. instead, scan forums, search using your preferred method, and read about what everyone is saying – minus the outrageous press releases that often fill leading search engines.

What Do We Think About Topical Penis Enhancement?

They are great for enhancement purposes. Small scale penis enlargement per say. Instantly increase penis size, improve erection hardness and rigidity, and improve overall erection quality are three big details you’ll find after some quick research.

Would be recommend topical penile enhancement? It wouldn’t be our first recommendation. Unless you are the type that knows exactly what they are looking for, then search out more alternative treatments that offer more value and improvements to look forward to. .

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